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How to calendar block

Calendar Blocking The end of planning chaos Calendar Blocking The easy way out of the chaos of solo self-employment Yes, you love your job and self-employment – but everything in

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How to deep work

Freelancers in particular often find themselves in a dilemma: no one is watching their backs, so they can work freely and creatively – and procrastinate to their heart’s content. The catch: output and thus hourly wages are steadily decreasing while we mindlessly scroll through social media instead of working productively.

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How to create a persona

When you’re building a blog or relaunching a website, it can sometimes feel like you need a crystal ball: What language style is right? What interests the audience – and who is the target group? Personas can help you get to know your target group better.

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Do I always have to be available?

The boss calls after hours and the customer makes herself known, while we actually wanted to concentrate fully on our work. On Sundays, we quickly send an email from the couch and even on holiday we are always available. But why is it like that – and does it have to be like that?

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Planning for chaotic people

Surely you’ve come across them before: The aesthetically pleasing videos that tell you how to finally stop being a routine-less loser who’s still asleep at 5am and doesn’t consider a protein shake a full meal.

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