More than just beautiful pictures

Complex explained with illustrations

See and understand

Our brain grasps images faster than texts – and can remember them better. Informative illustrations enable us to gain insights, compare data quickly and grasp complex topics. In this way, they tell the story behind the data.

I draw illustrations for...

... events

With graphic recording, I capture what happens at your event: on paper in a huge wall newspaper or as individual illustrations from the panel discussions with digital graphic recording. »

... science

In science, the content is complex and sometimes difficult to understand without prior knowledge. That's why I use illustrations in science journalism. »

.... children's and fantasy books

I am currently drawing monsters and creatures of all kinds for a fantasy book coming out in the US. A few years ago I was also asked to illustrate a children's book that explains computer viruses. »

... non-fiction books

From service-oriented guides to scientific white papers and technical documentation: Specialist journalism summarises complex issues in an easily understandable and factually correct manner. »

... companies

Do you need a logo for your start-up, a llama drawing for the merchandising of your alpaca farm or postcards wishing your customers a happy new year? I'm happy to help. »

... more inclusion

If someone does not yet speak German very well or is limited by a disability, illustrations can help. Because sometimes a picture not only says more than 1000 words - it often says it more simply. »

Science in pictures

WastLand2046 2
Webcomic with maths background

As a fellow in the M.I.P.lab at Freie Universität Berlin, I research, conceptualise, write and draw a comic.

Future scenarios for the Ruhr-Universität

For the Ruhr University Bochum, I was allowed to draw various future scenarios that the students developed.

Gif, das zwei Tomatenpflanzen zeigt. Die eine ist im Freien, die andere in einem gewächshaus.
Climate change explained for the FU Berlin

What does a greenhouse do to tomatoes and how do you calculate the greenhouse effect? I explain this in a comic for the FU Berlin.

Illustrations for non-fiction books

I love non-fiction. For a good non-fiction book, I’ll leave any novel to the left – because reality is usually the most exciting. So that the facts don’t remain a jumble of letters and bare facts, illustrations loosen up the flow of the text – and they clarify the central statements without many words.

Children's and fantasy book illustrations

»Lina und die Computerviren« – Jessika Lüning

I am currently drawing the illustrations for a book that Alex Kingsley is publishing in the US in 2024. Developing the drawings for a fantasy book like this is one of the greatest joys of my job.

Graphic Recording

These illustrations were created at the Summer Academy of the Third Platonic AcademyPlatonic Academy. They show the speakers and some references to the topics they spoke about.

Inclusion through illustrations

People who still want to learn German, cannot see well or live with an intellectual disability are helped by the concept of easy language. In many cases, an illustration can explain complex issues even better.

In order to break down barriers, I am in exchange with institutions such as Lebenshilfe and university chairs that deal with the topic of inclusion.

Illustrations for your brand

As a passionate coffee drinker, I love to draw labels and postcards for coffee roasting companies. But I also like to draw the right illustrations for alpaca farms or event invitations.