Ines Maria Eckermann
Autorin | Illustratorin | Creative-Coach

I create
_____ content for
_____ people.*

* Texts and illustrations that your target groups love:

  • factually correct 
  • easy to understand 
  • fascinatingly crafted 

Sudden insights are brain candy.

When we learn something new, our brain rewards us with a cocktail of happy hormones. When we are excited about a topic, we learn with ease. That’s why simply explained, quickly understandable and logically coherent content are real happiness boosters.

Make your content a home.

New memory content is like you in a foreign city: you are looking for something familiar to orient yourself. Well-structured content with the right dose of background knowledge helps our brain feel at home in a complex topic.

The Mix is key

If you want to be understood, you have to understand your counterpart. Because every person needs a different mix to be able to immerse themselves in a topic and understand it from the bottom up.

That’s why I explain complex…

  • … with well-structured texts,
  • … with informative illustrations,
  • … or with both means – cleverly combined.

Start tidied up

Does it spark joy? Before you start an editorial project, we tidy up together: in the strategic orientation, with a corporate language, personas and a response planning.

Create sudden insights

You have an exciting but very complex or scientific topic? I would be happy to translate your content into entertaining texts and clever images for a broad audience.

Speak to everybody

You want to reach all people - regardless of how well they can see or understand our language. I translate your content into easy language and design your results to be as accessible as possible.

Do it with heart and brain

When content moves something in us, fascinates us or makes us say "aha!", it stays with us for a long time. Together we create content that creates knowledge - and inspires.

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